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We are a leading retail franchisee in Israel. Our retail portfolio includes 7 Inditex brands and 3 Gottex swimwear stores, representing a total of 84 stores in all major shopping malls in Israel.

We own and operate Inditex brands Zara, Pull & Bear, Bershka, Massimo Dutti, Zara Home, Stradivarius and Lefties.

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Massimo Dutti
Zara Home

Zara’s story begins with the opening of its first store in the Spanish coastal city of A Coruña in 1975, an early milestone in the company’s long history. Over the years, Zara has remained faithful to the concept – fashion for everyone, with a focus on 4 simple core values: beauty, clarity, functionality and sustainability.

Zara’s approach to design is closely linked to its customers. The constant flow of information from the stores will conveys to us the desires and requirements of the customers. Zara’s designers nurture a highly intimate relationship with their customers by responding instinctively to their changing needs, the latest trends, and constant feedback received across its Women, Men and Kids collections, to deliver new ideas in the right place and at the right moment.

To date, there are 1,800 Zara stores in prestigious locations around the world and 24 Zara stores located across Israel.

For more information, visit the Zara Israel website.


Pull&Bear was founded in 1991 with a clear mission of dressing young, environmentally-engaged and dynamic fashion lovers. Tracking the newest trends across technology, social movements and the latest developments in art and music, the brand has fast become globally recognised for its fun styling, fusing international and club influences with a playful attitude.

Pull&Bear has two separate lines for both men and women. The first is primarily intended for teenagers, with casual and easy styling in sweatshirts, T-shirts, jeans, Bermuda shorts, plimsolls and hats. The second is more specifically designed for adults who have grown up with the brand, and look to it for eclectic styles that can be worn day or night, at work or play.

To date, there are 24 Pull&Bear stores located across Israel.

For more information, visit the  Pull&Bear Israel website.

Massimo Dutti

From the high sophistication of personal tailoring line to the comfortable fit and timeless style of more casual and relaxed pieces, Massimo Dutti epitomises a natural elegance that appeals to the urbane, independent and cosmopolitan men and women of today.

To date, there are 3 Massimo Dutti stores located across Israel.

For more information, visit the Massimo Dutti Israel website.


Bershka is in touch with the spirit of the moment, built on the thriving and fast-changing nature of contemporary culture. Bershka’s collections are as diverse as the people they decorate. Bershka’s creative teams use street fashion, art and music to inspire their iconic collections.

Perfect for adventurous young people who deviate from the status quo, the brand’s instantly recognisable prints and colour combinations set its customers apart from the crowd. Take all the attention with daring studded sandals, or bring out your retro side with a denim blazer – either way, Bershka allows you to express your own individuality.

To date, there are 17 Bershka stores located across Israel.

For more information, visit the Bershka Israel website.


Stradivarius captures the essence of youthful creativity. It seeks to understand and interpret the latest trends and developments in fashion to allow young men and women to express themselves comfortably regardless of the occasion. Stradivarius’ teams of dedicated designers embrace change, translating current trends into new and innovative styles that excite and inspire.

To date, there are 10 Stradivarius stores located across Israel.

For more information, visit the Stradivarius website.

Zara Home

Zara Home incorporates the latest ideas and designs into everyday living.

Recognising that fashion is as much about the way we live as who we are, Zara Home updates its ranges twice a week, tapping into contemporary styles and evergreen sensibilities to create the latest aesthetics for interior living. Zara Home presents two collections a year, following the same rhythm as the Group’s fashion brands.

Zara Home’s textile ranges, which include bedding, bed linen, tableware and bath linen, are complemented by dishware, cutlery, glassware and home decorations, as well as clothing and accessories which are associated with the comfort and intimacy of home life.

To date, there are 2 Zara Home stores located across Israel.

For more information, visit the Zara Home Israel website.


Lefties targets all people regardless of their age, race, sex or style with affordable fashion. The brand offers a wide range of the latest apparel, footwear, accessories, intimates and home wear for women, men, children and babies.

Lefties is the newest brand to join the Trimera Brands’ Retail portfolio. To date, there is 1 Lefties location and one currently in development.

For more information, visit the Lefties Israel website.

Where We Are

We have long-term relationships with the most prominent Israeli retail real estate groups such as Azrieli Group, Melisron and BIG.

Store count by brand in Israel:

Zara – 24 Stores
Rehovot Grand Beer Sheva Kiryon Grand Haifa Ramat Aviv Petah Tikva Azrieli TLV Modi’in Malha Ayalon Holon Giv’atayim Beer Sheva Hanegev See Mall Ashdod Renamin BIG Natzeret G Kfar Saba Tel Aviv Rishon Lezion Eilat (Mall Hayam) Dizingoff Center Ir Yamim Mamilla (Jerusalem) Hadera
Pull&Bear – 24 Stores
Rehovot Grand Beer Sheva Kiryon Grand Haifa Petah Tikva Azrieli TLV Modi’in Malha Ayalon Rishonim (Rishon Lezion) Beer Sheva Hanegev Sea Mall Ashdod Renanim BIG Natzeret BIG Karmiel BIG Eilat Gindi TLV Hazahav Mall Dizingoff Center Seven Stars Mall (Herzeliya) Ir Yamim (Nataniya) Hadera Arena Nahariya Hadar Jerusalem
Bershka – 17 Stores
Rehovot Grand Beer Sheva Grand Haifa Petah Tikva Azrieli TLV Ayalon Rishonim (Rishon Lezion) Sea Mall Ashdod BIG Karmiel BIG Eilat BIG Beer Sheva Arim Kfar Saba Gindi TLV Hazahav Mall Hadera Arena Nahariya Hadar Jerusalem
Stradivarius – 10 Stores
Grand Beer Sheva Azrieli TLV Ayalon Rishonim (Rishon Lezion) Sea Mall Ashdod BIG Eilat Gindi TLV Ir Yamim (Nataniya) Mamilla (Jerusalem) Hadera
Massimo Dutti – 3 Stores
Ramat Aviv Gindi TLV Ir Yamim (Nataniya)
Zara Home – 2 Stores
Ayalon Gindi TLV
Lefties – 1 Store, 1 Store in Development

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