We design, develop, source and distribute swimwear.

We Know Swimwear

We make swimwear across all categories and major channels, with distribution spanning more than sixty countries on five continents. We are one of the foremost suppliers of swimwear to the top global retailers, in addition to being a leading design and manufacturing company with a focus on swimwear. We specialize in speed-to-market, design, and technical expertise.

We know our markets and can deliver a tailored design approach to each customer and region. This is why our company-owned brands have well-established equity and performance within many leading markets, including the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, Spain, and Israel.

Our Swimwear Services

Ideation to Consumers

Our services encompass the entire product life cycle from ideation to retail. Whether your needs focus on sourcing, manufacturing, merchandising, licensing, private label, retail, marketing, branding, distribution or any combination, we bring decades of expertise and exceptional partners.

We don’t take shortcuts. We don’t cut corners. We do it right the first time. Our product execution is flawless thanks to our vertical supply chain.

Innovative Supply Chain

Not only do we lead in concept and design, but also in technological execution and excellence in manufacturing. We have integrated 3D technologies to cultivate an innovative approach to problem solving and finding new ways to achieve desired expression of style details. Virtual design and fittings will impact design and engineering, improve speed of development cycles, and reduce physical sample waste and operational inefficiencies.

Trend and Research Analysis

We help retailers by providing design insight on where trends are heading six to twelve months in the future.

We stay up to date on market trends and customer tastes through in-depth, ongoing research by our extensive design staff all over the world. We participate in all the relevant swim-related trade shows, such as the Swim Collective, Miami Swim Show, and Surf Expo.

We are the trend service our retailers rely on when taking their brands into swimwear.

We’re Strategically Located.

We have physical presence in North America, EMEA, and Asia Pacific regions, with domestic and international design, development, and distribution capabilities.

We have diverse sourcing partnerships and base of suppliers. We are continuously looking to expand our base expertise and production locations worldwide to bring the best product to the market while delivering operational excellence.

Other Swimwear Services We Offer

Our team are experts in brand management and merchandising.

We have an experienced sales team that cultivates strong and diverse wholesale relationships with distributors, from brick and mortar and e-commerce to mass market and premium. We are experienced in leading sales efforts through sales meetings, events trade shows, and digital showrooms.

Our team is experienced in development and implementation of retail marketing plans and initiatives as well as ensuring all efforts are appropriate and relevant to the local market and individual brand. Activities range from grassroots to national advertising campaigns targeted to build brand awareness.

We have in-house teams include marketing, finance, credit, legal, logistics and IT.