We have global retail expertise and are a leading retail franchisee in Israel.

We Know Retail

Thanks to our extensive retail success, we have strong ties with the most powerful real estate organizations. We have centralized management with highly efficient implementation processes.

We run and operate brick and mortar and e-commerce for a diverse brand portfolio with the help of a centralized management system focused on operational efficiency. Given our extensive know-how in the retail business, we have created a formula that allows us to easily add new retail brands as we expand our portfolio.

We Know Our Brands

We have regional expertise to activate entire brands with a tailored approach to product assortment, strategic merchandising, distribution planning, and sales, along with one comprehensive marketing approach to tell a cohesive message. Understanding brand DNA is at our core.

We Invest In People

We understand that people are our greatest asset. Based on our credibility in the local markets, continual training, and a diverse brand portfolio, we can attract and retain the best talent that are passionate about fashion, retail, and service.

We Know Our Customers

We are a customer-centric organization that identifies trends along with the needs of our customer. This creates a continuous loop from store level to the brand team. As a result, we can place the latest trends in-store in a matter of weeks.

We Use Data to Inspire Innovation

We have developed an extensive array of unique IT systems that transfers continuous data and information from the store level to corporate. From backend ERP to handheld units for real-time merchandise management. People, process, tools. We have a team dedicated to innovation to ensure we can continuously deepen in-store customer engagement and personalization, as well as, optimize our e-commerce channels.

We Are Responsive

We are working on the cutting edge of fast fashion, just-in-time delivery, and operational efficiency. Speed to market is a must to support these demands. We receive new goods twice a week, and 60% of the delivery is brand new. This is reflected in new cuts, colors, new trends.